I had never planned on this blog to ever upset anyone, therefore I have decided to take a short break from any writing and just enjoy the days like everyone else. Since the first post, I have unsettled a few people with my poor word choice. That was never my intention and I can't apologize enough to those I have upset. Whether I had included them directly or indirectly (they know who they are), I am sorry.

As my parents request, I would like to clarify the most recent post that some of you may have read. I did not "flunk" out of Seton Hall referring to the popular definition, yet I did not receive a passing grade in the required course. The course was pass/fail. Meaning you either obtain the C+ or you don't, very simple. I did not as I received a D referring to a letter grade. At the time, this unfortunate event forced my hand and I left the university to attend my local community college. 

Looking back on it now with a completely open mind, I am not convinced that if I passed that course that I'd be at where I am today. Chances are I would've returned for the spring semester and continued pursuing a degree I was not entirely in love with. 

Like I mentioned, I am sorry to those I have unsettled with this relatively meaningless blog. Whether it be family who has stupendously looked out for my well being over the past 20 years or fantastic friends I've had the pleasure of meeting, I am sorry for painting an unsatisfying picture and putting you in a bad light.