Beware the Dog

Happy Valentine's Day ya filthy animals! If anyone can tell me where the title of this post is derived from, I'd be happy to mail or hand you a delicious cup of arroz con leche. I guarantee you'll love it just as much as me. Also, just a hint, the title has nothing to do with that popular sign that families hang on their doors to scare intruders away. However, my grandmother desperately needs one for her vicious 6 pound demon.

It's amazing how much is socially unacceptable in the United States but is a daily norm here. Let me elaborate. Dogs! Have Europeans heard of a leash!? They sell them but I feel it's the absolute worst business venture to open a store selling dog leashes. It's completely unnecessary. The perros are trained like Pikachu! They follow their owner wherever he/she goes, ignore that one annoying barking poodle across the street and wait patiently outside the store for their master to finish buying his/her groceries. Granted my pooch can shake or "paw" but she won't keep from yipping every time man's best friend walks past the house. 

Here's another one. Cars. Each and every car has at least one small dent in it. Nothing major but us Americans would freak out if the tiniest of dents was put in our priceless vehicles. Here, it seems like they could care less. Now I say that each car has a small dent but I haven't seen a vehicle missing any major bodily pieces like a broke teenager's car in the U.S.

Parking spots... who needs them? Parking on the curb is perfectly acceptable as well as leaving your car in the middle of the street while you run into the Lupa or Spain's Harris Teeter. The people are evidently aware that they're own driving ability is poor or careless but they possess an extreme sense of awareness for everyone else's lackadaisical driving. For example, I haven't seen one car accident since being here. Not even sure if there's  rollbacks or wreckers here to tow inoperable vehicles. 

Ever hear of being taken advantage of because of your need to use a bathroom in public? In Europe, one can make a decent sized salary if they opened their personal bathroom up to the public charging a few cents for every entry. Public restrooms cost twenty cent euro to enter and relieve yourself of any bodily stress. Complete ripoff! I drink a gallon of water a day. So when in comes down to it, I'm forced to pay at least one euro a day to drink that gallon of water. Picking up what I'm putting down? Oh, and guess what!? Not Obama's fault! 

Being a communications major, I tend to look at social advertisements a bit closer than most. Thanks Professor Plotnick. While in the U.S. we crowd the sides of our highways with monotonous advertisements, here I assume they look at them as a distraction. Which is VERY weird because I find it F**KING distracting seeing Liam Neeson on every other bus stop. Seriously, get out of my face! I hate your stupid, ludicrous trilogy!

Happy Chris...?